Personal Injury

How do I know if I may need an attorney?

If you have been seriously injured or are unsure as to the outcome of your injury, then an experienced personal injury attorney should always be consulted before you give any statements or sign any papers of any kind and as soon after your injury as possible. In a serious injury case, you are better off hiring an attorney as soon as possible.

What if the accident is partly my fault? Can I still have a claim?

Even if an accident of injury was partially your fault you still may have a Claim based on the concept of Comparitive Negligence or Contributory Negligence.  The term "contributory negligence" is used to describe the actions of an injured person that may have also caused that person's own injuries. For example, a person who ignores a "Caution - Wet Floor" sign and each person is held accountable for the amount of damages that they caused". slips and falls in the supermarket may be found to have been careless and at fault for any injuries suffered.

What should I do if I've been injured in a slip & fall accident?

Most businesses and homeowners carry liability insurance to protect them in the event that someone is injured while on their property. This would include slip and fall type cases which are generally known as premise liability cases. The owner or possessor of a residence, land, or place of business has the duty to exercise reasonable care for the protection of those individuals who are invited to come upon the premises. This would include those who, as members of the public, come upon the land or enter a store or place of business to shop or do business.


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